Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Visiting Mangata

Morning comes early sometimes, especially when the night is hot and humid. Linda called me out of bed and we got ready early. Today we scheduled to walk to Barra de Navidad and grab a water taxi over to the Grand Bay where John Karpenko has left his sailboat, Mangata, moored for a few weeks. John is up in the state's skiing and will return to the sun and heat, but until then we said we would check on the boat.

We walked the beach to Barra and ate breakfast at a nice place called Ramon's. Once we cooled off we went down to the lagoon and hired a water taxi to take us to the docks at the Grand Bay. That whole endeavor cost us 60 pesos, but that includes a return trip.

We checked on Mangata and everything was fine. No mold growth, odd smells or squatters. We took photos to post for John.

After the checkup we walked the Grand Bay grounds, of course, it was beautiful. The taxi arrived and we hurried back to Barra where we caught a bus back to San Patricio.

I sent this photo to John and said we were a bit late.

Mangata secure on the G dock.

The Grand Bay

Linda, just to the left of the taxi dock.

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