Thursday, February 22, 2018


What a great day! Leigh and Barry Vincent picked us up and we drove North up Highway 200 our sights on a beach day at Tenacatita. At the intersection, to La Manzanilla, we took a hard right. Berry wanted to see what was further up the road at a little village.

We drove about a mile and sure enough, there was a very small village. Not much there, but any side trip gives Berry inspiration and he usually has a local story to tell. I love to ride with him and listen to the bits of history that he has picked up from his Mexican friends. Many of the stories involve politics of the area, some scrape along the surface of the local Cartel gossip. One story always leads to another.

Berry took a quick peek at the village and turned around and we headed back to the highway.

A stop and quick right put us back on Highway 200. More stories were discussed and eventually we parked the car right next to the beach at Tenacatita.

If you have followed my blog long, then you would probably have read my ramblings about this beach and its colorful history. You might Google Tenacatita and read about the land fighting and all that went with it. All I can say is that the beach is coming back, there is a restaurant just across the road and people are feeling much better about visiting and providing the locals a livelihood.

Today the weather and water were near perfect. There were about seven sailboats anchored in the Aquarium, the anchorage just offshore, and a large group of tourists lounging at the beach by the restaurant.

Berry and Leigh had all the beach accouterments and once we were all set up the lounging began.

As any beach day goes, there was food, drink and lots of talk. At one point Berry's eyes shut for just a few seconds, so I believe he took a nap.

This is what staying in Mexico is all about!

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