Friday, August 26, 2005

Hells Gate and Beyond!

Traveled down to Lewiston, Idaho on Friday night and set up our camper at Hells Gate State Park. The drive down was uneventful except for the crazy drivers in Spokane. We stopped a Quiznos in Lewiston and picked up a couple sandwiches before going to the park and once we got the rig set up we ate our dinner while the sun went down. We then walked the dog and rode our bikes, almost hitting deer and a mole.

Next morning we got up with the sun and Linda competed in the Hells Gate Duathlon. She did real well. Linda's parents drove down and were present to cheer her on.

Some hasher friends were there and Linda started the race with them and ran the first leg along side, Boots.There time was real good and by the end Linda was 14 seconds behind Nuts and quite a bit ahead of Boots.

She came in first in her age group and above the middle of the entire pack of runners. It was good for Linda to have her Mom and Dad there to root her on and running with Boots really pushed her to go faster.

We drove to Linda's parents and set up the camper for the night. We went shopping and for dinner Linda's Dad made some great hamburgers on the BBQ. We slept well got up and then drove home, ending another Canyonwren adventure.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Lower Salmon Trip with the Upchurches

Pine Bar to Heller Bar was the plan. We had been talking this trip up to the Upchurches for the past year and now it was time to get it together and show them what we do every summer.

We put on the river just about 11:00 AM and pushed on down, our goal was about 12 miles down which would be somewhere around 2 miles below Killer Goat Beach. That was the plan, but the wind came up and the weather moved in making progress a little slower then anticipated. The wind was blowing upstream making rowing a little hard. Rain added to the fun, but wasn't too uncomfortable. We selected a camp below KGB on river left. It was a smaller beach that had two camp areas separated by a mote. Darren created a rock bridge and dry passage was achieved.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Cd'A Duathlon

The second of the summer’s duathlons provided Linda with another challenge. The bike leg was not as smooth and clean as a person might want and the organization of the event was peaty poor. We started our morning by hunting for the start line with several other duathloners. No one could figure out where things were to take place but that didn't matter, "It's just a duathlon." The idea that if you don't swim you're not a athlete is something Linda hates, but all those tri-athletes keep bringing that forward every chance they get.

Linda did real well in the event and even received another ribbon for her division. I quess I did well by reading two chapters in my book and listening to my ipod.

Next duathlon is in Lewiston and is a sprint race, what ever that is.