Friday, January 30, 2015

Last Night Tacos - and Then...

Iris and Dennis were heading back to Washington on Friday and so we went on a rampage down in the center of town. The rampage consisted of tamales, tacos, bacon wrapped hot dogs, crepes, ice cream bars, and ice cream scoops! It was a Mexican street eat event beyond all imagining. 

I must make this one thing clear, we all didn't eat everything I just mentioned. During the course of the evening each of us chose different street foods and thus our rampage selection was created.

The first stop was for tamales and oh my gosh they were amazing!  I have never eaten a better tamale in my life. Each one was moist and flavorful. There was not to much batter to eat through and the filling had such a great flavor! My mouth waters thinking about them. Hey Rob Caldwell, they cost 80 cents each and two would fill you up! Do the math.

Street tacos at Pedro's!
To die for!
We walked the town and ended at Casa Rosa playing a game called Farkle.

Then it happened. Turn the clock back to the morning before the rampage. I woke up at the usual time but for some reason my lower back was feeling a little stiff.  I have had stiffness in that lower area before, so I did a little stretching and ignored it.  We went and played volleyball and during the game I felt like I couldn't move very well so I got out and watched.  Later we sat and watched the sunset and then walked downtown for the rampage.  By the time I got home to bed my back was tired!

During the middle of the night I got up to go to the bathroom and zap, I had a ripping pain through a muscle in my lower back. I crawled back to bed and tossed and turned. The next morning I could not stand! My back was a mess.  It was so weird. I didn't feel anything until I got up to my feet and then all hell broke loose. I laid in bed and Linda went into care mode and put on her nurses hat.

We put ice on and I took ibuprofen and went to sleep.  Linda rounded up some muscle relaxants from Tom one of the members of the coconut telegraph and we went into rehab mode.  I laid in bed all day and night, not moving.

Today my back is getting better. I am up and about for short times and I have had a little walk and a shower.  I have to admit I was a bit nervous about having a back problem down here.  I have sworn to Linda that I am going to take it easy and not rush the rehab. Then once I get better I want to change things a bit and exercise more.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Photos From the Past Couple Days

The past several days we have been under the effect of some storms off the coast of Melaque. The sunset pictures took place a couple nights ago after a day of clouds, small showers and double rainbows! 

Last night we all bused over to Barra to watch the sunset from the Hotel la Alondra rooftop bar. The first photo is looking back at Melaque. You can see the lagoon and the breach in the sand dike. The water rushed out of the lagoon and caused sand to build up, which in turn caused the ocean waves to provide good boogie boarding and skim boarding.

We have had the lagoon breach twice this year. It happens all the time, but we have never been down when it has happened. Fishing in Melaque Bay gets real good when the lagoon water washes junk into the salt water.
The sand dam has broke and the lagoon is going down.
Our group at the rooftop bar at the Hotel la Alondra.
Ah, sunset!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Dinner on Isla Navidad

About 32 gringos loaded into boats and made their way over to the restaurant Colimilla on the Isla Navidad for an evening of music, food and laughter. Here are a few of the photos that I thought worth looking at.
The lagoon by Barra.
Sailboat moored in the lagoon.
This boat brought a cheer from our crowd.
A six string bass guitar.
Sunset over the lagoon.
Jill and Barry dancing on the dock.

Monday, January 19, 2015

15 Klicks

Yesterday we started our day out by joining in a bicycle ride fund raiser for the local animal protection group. We gathered in the town square and then road fifteen kilometers.  The route took us over to Barra and then into the farming area across the highway. It was a great ride and we had a lot of fun.

We finished the ride and then later in the afternoon we watched the SEAHAWKS WIN! Great game, not how I prefer to do it, but I will take a win anytime.
Waiting for the ride to start.
On the path leading into Barra area.
Country roads take me home!
Seahawks Win!

Thursday, January 15, 2015


A block and a half west of our casa is a restaurant that everyone likes called The Red Lobster.  It is owned and run by a local family and we have enjoyed getting to know them.  Antonio is the father and he is quite the entrepreneur. He runs the restaurant and he also leases land where he has a banana plantation operation.  He has taken it a bit farther by combining the two operations so that people can have the experience of visiting a plantation and enjoying a day of food and drink.

If you can put together a group of 20 people, you can enjoy this experience for the small cost of 250 pesos per person. Here is how it works and what you get.

In the morning everyone arrives at the  Red Lobster where you have breakfast. This includes a menu item prepared the way you like it, including toast and coffee or juice.

Then once everyone is finished we loaded into vehicles and drove east of Melaque. Off the highway we followed a dirt road up a river to a banana plantation where we spent the day in a fresh water irrigation pool.

The irrigation pool is filled with clear clean water that comes directly out of the ground and pumped into this concrete storage pool. The water flows through the area and eventually ends up watering the banana plants.

We lounged around under the shade of banana trees, drank, ate and swam all day.  Some of us took a hike up the river and many of the gang just rested in the shade and swam.

Around 2:00 PM we were fed a wonderful meal of either fish, chicken or ribs.  It was quite the day and the service was wonderful. Once had our fill we rested and then at about 5:00 PM we drove back to town.

The irrigation pool looking at our group arriving.

Yes, bananas!
A vermilion fly catcher.

Tilapia in a pond near our pool.

Art playing cards.
Ken and Bruce looking at a Moose.
Our bartender Pablo!


Ted playing his mandolin. 
Tom enjoying the source!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

No Crocks Today

Our gathering spot for the day.
Looking up the beach to my destination.

I named this "Where is Loyde Bridges?"
2.89 miles later I reach my destination.
Looking back at La Manznailla.
Selfie. I have trouble smiling. 
Crab sex, I think?

Iris has a good hand but Dennis has a poker face.
A bagillion pelicans! 
Entrance to the restaurant

Monday, January 12, 2015

Last Fishing Till La Rabera

Dennis with a bonita, Tom and Jerry are not impressed.
Jerry picked us up a 6:30 am exactly. Once we were in the boat and out into the bay, we headed west along the coast where we started fishing just off Isla Tamarindo. (Lon/Lat 19.232684, -104.813254)

We were the first boat out there but that didn't last long. During the day we caught two bonito and tossed them back.We hooked and landed two dorado and one rainbow runner.  I have never seen a rainbow runner but Jerry says the they can get very large and are nice eating.  The runner 
has a real nice rainbow across it's side, it looks a lot like a rainbow trout with the tail of a tuna.  I will let you know how it tastes.

We spent the entire day out around the rocks and we caught our dorados in about an hour time period.
Dennis's rainbow runner, another new fish to taste.

During the day we saw a pod of whales off in the distance but that was about all the excitement we had other than fishing.
Barry waiting for a strike.

At home we had a big fish feed and enjoyed the company of the Pink House-ers. 

Today's catch!

Fish lips.