Monday, November 26, 2012

What Have I Been Doing Lately?

Over the big four day Thanksgiving holiday we had visitors, I went fishing and I took a bunch of photos of eagles.  Yes, that is what I have been up to.

My first attempt to capture an Eagle in flight.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Getti!ng the Stink Off - Yeah Right

Darren made soup for lunch!
Some people say that if you do something a lot and then you have a spell where you are not successful  in that endeavor, you have a stink on. All you can do is keep at it, change tactics and try to "get the stink off."  That is how it seems with my Steelheading right now. I need to do something different, go to a different spot or in other words change it up a bit.

Darren Upchurch and I got up at 3:30 am Friday and drove down to the Clearwater to fish.  We had a great day of casting but failed to connect with any fish.  The weather was great and I didn't fall down or break any equipment so I consider the trip a success.

Dead Salmon using fish-eye effect from camera.
Here is something new.  In the past I had been taking pictures with a point and shoot Nikon.  On the last river trip the camera quit working. No I didn't drop it in the river!  I took it back to Best Buy and since it was under warranty they sent it away for repair.  Last week it was returned and they were unable to fix it.  I was then given a credit and I needed to purchase a new camera.  I have had three point and shoot cameras in the past several years and all of them quit due to the same problem.  No I didn't drop them! The lens cover stuck open and the camera failed.

My answer to this problem was that I do not want a camera with those silly retractable lens things.  This left me with the choice of three smaller non DSRL or the more expensive DSRL cameras.  I decided upon a Canon SX50 HS.  These were the first photos taken with this camera.

With the new camera I was able to goof around while I fished and the photo results make the results of no fish much easier to take.  I didn't get the stink off, but I did learn a bit about the new camera.

Darren using full 50X optical zoom.

Same shot without using the zoom. Wow!

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Fished Twice, Still Nothing

Mike heating up some chili.
This last week I was able to get down to the Clearwater River and fish for Stealhead twice.  First time I dropped down to the river by myself  and fished for a day. Once I had worked the water for six hours or so I got tired and drove up to Kendrick and visited Raina and Dean. 

Ever since Raina married Dean, I have teased her about living the "farm" life in Kendrick Idaho.  My vision of their place was based on the TV show Green Aces.  I pictured them living on a rundown old farm with cows by the front door and chickens in the kitchen.

I arrived in Kendrick at about 4:30 PM and followed the map they had sent, through the town and up ninth street.  To say they live on a little hill would be an understatement.  They live on a HILL.  It's steep enough that as you climb you have to keep your fingers crossed hoping that nothing gives out and you coast backwards to the valley floor.  I think Raina said it best, later in the evening, when the one lone trick-or-treater that showed up rang the doorbell.  She exclaimed "how the heck did you get up here?"  Raina tossed him a hand full of candy and he said "dad drove me."

You know it is steep when kids won't hike up the hill for candy!

Waiting for the bite to start.
The house was great! Not a cow or chicken in the place.  In fact I was a little disappointed  that it was so normal.  That takes away all the jokes and teasing I have given Raina about living in Kendrick.  I have to bring Linda down to visit and show her how normal it is.

I stayed the night and in the morning we parted ways.  Dean and Raina had to drive to Orifino I'll leave all the humor and speculation to you readers.

When I got back home in Post Falls I got in touch with Mike Wassmuth and found out he was heading back down to fish on Friday so I joined him.  WE drove down, fished, and drove back.  Noticed I said fished.  We failed to catch anything, but the weather was real nice and we enjoyed being out on the water.  Days like that are getting fewer and fewer.  Not catching fish does not bother me, really. OK, maybe a little.