Monday, December 29, 2014

Mexico Selfie Contest

We were sitting around the last night before Holly, Ryan and the kids had to pack up and leave when Ryan said "Let's have a selfie contest!"  Ryan says a lot of stuff through out the day and like most of what he says, this fell on deaf ears and we ignored it.( LOL)  No one did any selfies that evening and our guests packed up and headed back to the cold and snow of Idaho.

I was looking through our pictures and noticed that there were some great selfie type photos that would have been great contest material. Here are the entries for the "Great Mexico Selfie Contest." Some of them are not true selfies and some are just chosen because they are funny and I probably wouldn't publish them on the blog.  A few photos have photo bombs in them and some are good pictures that needed to be viewed.

Photo bomb!

Content not for child viewing!
Great cervaza table!

Photo bomb maximum!

Nuclear photo bomb!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Edward's Visit

Since our special visitors arrived I have been kept very busy and haven't been able to blog about our adventures.  The days passed and everything got out of hand and I fell so far behind in the writing about our adventures that there is nothing I can do to catch up.  Here are the photos of the Edward's visit. I will make comments where necessary.

The first set of photos is from our first night together when we went down town and had dinner at Buen Gusto.

We took another trip over to La Manzanilla and visited the crocodiles. Then we spent the day at the beach playing and eating Pedro's Fish Tacos.

One of the fun things we did was go on a snorkeling/boogie trip with a tour guide named Ray. We spent the first part of the day snorkeling at a reef by a beach called Tenacatita. This beach had a long and very controversial history, but it is now open for day use. 

We jumped in the van and drove southeast to the boogie board capital of thCostalegre. We spread our towels on the sands of Boca de iguanas and spent a few hours in the pacific waves carving the surf.

Back at home we focused on resting up for Christmas by playing in the pool.

On Christmas eve day Ryan and I went fishing.  We hooked three keepers but mine got away. (Long story.)  

Evening came and we got the tree ready for Santa.  We ate our fish dinner and walked into the square to get some treats and watch the locals ready for Christmas.  After a beautiful sunset everyone was tired and ready for Santa's visit.