Monday, May 22, 2006

The Weekend Is Over!

Not much to say today except that we did more stuff last weekend then we normally do in a month! Wedding went great! Saw a bunch of people who I went to school with and got a chance to find out what many of our old friends are up to. Fitz was so nervous but did a great job of keeping composed throuhout the entire event. Julie looked great, but didn't speak to me. Guess I represent the anti-friend to her. It's ok, Steve will be fine.

Linda ran in another duathlon on Sunday. She did great! She had ran there a few weeks ago and so she knew the course and had something to compair to. She cut 1 minute 48 seconds off her previous time and came in 2nd in her age group. That's super! A friend from the college ran in the same event. Rick came in 5th overall. He has only been running and riding about a year. Give him a couple more years and he is going to be winning those things. (in the pictures Rick is #162)

We are heading up to Canada for the long weekend. I'll keep you posted on what's going on there. We have a student staying at the house and watching things that will be nice for them.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

This Weekend, wow!

Thought I would post an update fro anyone who ventures in to Canyonwren Travels. This weekend starts tonight, Thursday with a big bachelor party blow out for the last hold out of our childhood friends. Yup, Fitz, (aka. Ratzo, Catatonic, Stevey Ohohoo, Fitzie, Butthead) is finally getting married. So, tonight is the bachelor party and the wedding is tomorrow night. It should be a late one with tons of laughs and lots of food. I prepared the meal Linda and I will be bringing last night, should be great by tomorrow.

On Saturday we have a gathering for a bunch of folks who are leaving the college, most leaving for reasons of a presidential magnitude. So we will get to see bunches of friends and once again eat lots of food. Connie Dawson-McKenzie has resigned her job as Financial Aid Director and we are really going to miss her around the college. She can't be replaced, but the college won't know that until they try. The keep saying she retired, funny retirement and resigning is such a different thing. I think she should get the benefits of retirement, but no, the college could never do something like that for an employee who gave so much.

Sunday Linda is participating in a duathlon at 9 Mile Falls near Spokane. I'll be her support team with Baka as the anchor dog.
May 18th, the day that I married the person that my whole world revolves around. Linda is my gravity, holding me to the earth. Without her I would fly off into space never to be seen again. By choice we spend all our free time together and when we can't I don't feel whole. 21 years seems like seconds. Time would stop with out her by my side.