Monday, January 22, 2007

Camper Update!

This weekend I spent sunday changing out the the lower charger/converter section of our Parallax/Magnetek 7345 system and replaced it with a 3-stage Progressive Dynamics Model PD9160A Charger/Converter along with the Charge Wizard option. I followed the instructions on a site created by William R. Hemme. This is the first step in my project of upgrading our power system to solar. I would like to add a Blue Sky Solar Boost 2512i controller, IPN-Remote Display and two Kyocera KC130 solar panel. This should make it so we can boondock, that's RV speak for camping out where there are no amenities, for long periods of time. So setp one is complete and now we move on.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Epilogue: Mexico

Just had a chance to edit some of the blog, I had made a mess of it when I spell checked the document prior to uploading it at Roosters. Hope you enjoyed some of the mistakes.

Yesterday Linda received an email from Marthe, the owner of the house we stayed in the past few years. We thought that she had sold it and this would be our last year to visit. Marthe said that the sale is taking longer then expected and it would not be sold by the next holiday season in December. So we decided to go back to Melaque one last time next year. We considered other options, but this will make things very easy for the upcoming year. After that who knows where we will go.

Invitations are being sent to fill the two week slot in the spare bed room. Once again Linda has something to help her through the fall semester and I can plan on fishing for the big ones off the coast of Mexico.