Sunday, December 30, 2018

Horses, Birthdays and More

Grand Bay Resort the morning we went fishing.
Over the past two weeks, we did a lot of things that we normally don't do while we are in Melaque. Of course, you know that we started our stay in Casa Rosa (Big Pink) and then were joined by the Edwards family, Ryan, Holly, Zane, and Anika. They were with us for a week. While we had fun with them, Jacquie and Grant arrived and moved into the new place, La Casa De Los Amigos (as we call it).

Linda went with a group to Colima.
After our week with Ryan, Holly, and the kids, we moved over to La Casa De Los Amigos. The next day Ryan's brother Kevin,  his wife Allison, and two sons Asher and Atticus arrived at Big Pink and began their week-long visit to Mexico.

We spent the next week adventuring with the troops while trying to settle into the new casa. At times it was a little out of control, but we loved it!

I cannot describe all the fun adventures but I can give a list of some of the highlights.

Fishing - 2 times
La Manzanilla - 2 times
Colima Tour - Linda, Jacquie, Holly, and Allison
Horseback Riding - Holly, Anika, Allison, and Asher
Birthday Party - Holly's plus all of us
Snorkeling Tour - Holly, Ryan, Anika, and Zane
Cuastemates - Holly, Ryan, Anika, and Zane
Churros, waffles, crepes, tres leches cake, donuts and more - Every night, probably a bazillion!
Dinners and lunches out - Lost track!

Coffee plantation and museum outside of Colima.
Holly's birthday party was one to remember. It started at 3 PM and lasted to about 8 PM. We met for drinks at Big Pink and beat up a piñata. Then we all duck-walked (a procession whereby the leader, me, leads everyone through the streets to a location) to a beach restaurant where we ate dinner and presented Holly with gifts and a cake. There were lots of drinks and marginal food, and we all had a great time!

On December 29th, Big Pink emptied and our friends flew back to the states. We are trying to get back to normal, or what we call normal. We are already missing everyone. 

Anika, Holly, and Shorty.
Holly's birthday piñata.
A massive swing!
Anika's turn.
Zane takes a swing.
Then another.
Holly finishes it off!
My lovely Bug at the birthday dinner. 
Bring on the cake!
The cold, cold cake is on fire!
Zane helps to blow out the candles!
Family vacation.

So many things you can read into this photo

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Catching Up On Posts

Since Grant and Jacquie and all the Edwards arrived, our daily activities have been a whirlwind of motion. We moved into the new place, visited La Manzanilla, fished, and explored our little town. It has been something else, we have little time to rest let alone get everything into this blog. Here is the result of all that activity. A potpourri of photos.

Ryan and Zane fishing out on the point.
Allison, Holly, Jacquie, and Linda at La Manzanilla.
Atticus and Zane playing football.
The kids getting friendship bracelets made.

Allison and Keving enjoying the day.
Zane and Asher having fun.
Anika and Atticus goofing for the camera.
 This little guy talked us into purchasing muchosChiclets. He was so cute!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Pescando Dos

On Christmas eve day, Ryan, Zane, Ryan's brother Kevin and I woke early and motored out fishing with our guide Gerardo Kosonoy.

The sunrise was spectacular, but our day of fishing was much less than anticipated. We caught the usual mess of Bonita, but never felt the tug of a keeper fish the entire day.

The day was not a loss, however. Kevin reeled in three Bonita caught on a triple rigged line. This was something I have never seen before and was very exciting for everyone.

Kevin and his triple catch!
During the day we were surrounded by marine life of all kinds. We watched whales jumping and rolling all around the mainland points. I was able to get some photos of their tails, which is always a great reward.

Just after noon, Gerardo took us around the point past the grounded container ship to the long beach called Playa De Coco. There we pulled our lines in the surf break along the shore looking for roosterfish. As we moved along, Gerardo spotted a huge manta ray cruising along the shore. We were able to follow it and get some photos and video as it glided along in the clear blue waters. It was amazing and this turned out to be the highlight of our day on the water.

Three whales one photo.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The First Week

Over the past couple of days, all our scheduled guests have arrived and our future housemates are settling into our next shared home. The Edward’s arrived two days ago and we have been keeping busy with them. They are in Casa Rosa with us, it’s been a hoot.

Ryan, dragging lures.
Jacque and Grant arrived yesterday (Sunday) and are in the process of settling into the house where Linda and I will be moving come this next Friday.  We checked the place out and it is very nice.

Casa Rosa from the punta.
Sunday was spent on the beach down at the west end of Melaque. We invaded Titto’s beach restaurant and spent the day on the sand. It was a bit crowded but we had lots of fun. Ryan and Zane went fishing from the playa and the ladies sat in the shade of the umbrellas. Anika spent her time rolling in the sand and chasing waves. We ate beach food and drank iced beverages. The service was good and the food was enjoyable.

Zane casting to fish schools.
On Monday the Edwards took a bus over to La Manzanilla and spent the day on the beach. Linda and I are under the weather. Both Linda and I have had bouts with the bugs that are around down here in Mexico, nothing you can do to prevent them, we just take some little pills and they go away after a couple days. On top of that, Linda caught a small cold and then passed it on to me. Not the best start to the wintering process, but at least we have it all behind us now.

Tuesday the boys went fishing with Captain Gerry. We hooked three dorados and a bunch of Bonitos. Zane reeled in his first dorado ever! It was a great day and we have fish to eat for the next week. 

The babes on the beach.

Muscle beach party!

Gerry and Ryan with a Bonita.
Zane's first Bonita.
It's all in the way you hold your tongue.

Zane's first dorado!
Check out last years post for the history of the ship.
Great day fishing.