Sunday, January 01, 2012

¿Dónde le gustaría a comer esta noche?

Pedro's Tacos
Last night we had a wonderful dinner with some great friends. You know you are getting older when you hear the special of the night, but you miss the price. I did just that and wound up with an exquisite meal that cost us $32 dollars.  LOL Our entire tab for dinner last night came to just over $63, and when we were driving home all we could think about is that we could have eaten the same exact meal for just over $25 in Melaque at one of the gringo restaurants.

El Buen Gusto condiments.
In all actuality our normal dinner while on vacation came to about $11.  If we ate at Ayala a daily lunch special is 32.00 pesos and with drink we would probably spend about $4.50 including tip.  It is hard to compare the meals down in Melaque to the food that we buy in good old Idaho.  Prices are higher and we probably get a tad bit more served up on the plate up here, but we also get quite a bit more over indulgence in the area of extras.

Tacos el Pastor El Buen Gusto.
Melaque food is basic.  Very good, but it is not overly garnished.  If you order tacos, you get tacos. No cheese, no sour cream and no pile of re-fried beans. On occasion you will get a half cup of rice, and a small ladle full of re-fried beans, but most of the time it is the taco meat, wrapped in two tortillas with beans, salsa, and hot sauces served on the table.  You fix ‘em the way you like ‘em!

When I write about our meal experiences, I have found that everyone who reads the blog really likes the photos of the food.  To appease all you south of the border food fanatics, here is a photo extravaganza of the foods of the Costalegre!

Shrimp pozole @ Flor Morena.
Queso enchiladas El Buen Gusto.
Wet burrito San Miguel Hacienda.
Shrimp fajitas!
Pollo en moll verde @ Ayala 30.00!
Sopes @ San Miguel Hacienda.

Bisteck a la Mexicana @ Ayala 30.00!

Molcajeta from Alcatraz.
Linda's favorite food group!

Dinner at Larry & Maggie's.

Chicken enchilada El Buen Gusto
Sopes @ El Buen Gusto.
Huevos with bacon @ Ayala 30.00!