Friday, November 05, 2010

Boating the Clearwater River

I got a bit of a break in the old work schedule and so I planned to go on down to one of the rivers and do some fishing. I planned on going down on Thursday and coming home Saturday and had the camper all packed and ready. Wednesday evening rolled around and we had a few things come up. I made a decision to not go down, to stay home and help Linda.

I had called Mike Wassmuth and left a message about fishing and when he returned the call he said that he was going down to the Clearwater to fish on Thursday. I was really excited when he invited me along, so I grabbed my stuff and got every thing ready for the morning. 3:15 am rolled around real early but I was up and ready when Mike arrived at 4:00 am.

We drove down to Lewiston and then up the Clearwater where we used Mike's boat to move about the river. The day was beautiful but the morning was a bit cold and windy. In our first fishing area we saw a lot of fish in the river, but didn't catch anything. I had two hits, but nothing hooked up. We saw a bunch of deer on the shore and hills around our fishing spot.

In the afternoon we moved down river and set up in a sunny wind-less area. We didn't see half the fish we did in the morning and didn't get anything. We finished our fishing at 4:30 pm and headed home.