Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nothing, Just Posting.

It's cold out, but I really don't have to tell you that, most of you are probably experiencing this massive Arctic freeze. Today Linda and I went to the Spokane RV show and for the first time in three years we did not buy a new camper. Can you believe that? There were a lot of things to look at but nothing compared to our Snow River. I mean, nothing but the huge motor bus type RV's with three big LCD TV's and all the other accouterments that those colossal moving homes have. I still like the small life!

The tough thing was to get Linda to understand that truck campers are more expensive than travel trailers. For the price of a 10 foot camper, you can get a 23 foot travel trailer. That was hard for her to comprehend. You would thing it would be less costly to build a smaller camper, but the truth is, it cost quite a bit to make things weigh less. You have to use stronger materials that are lighter in weight and that always seems to cost more.

All I can say is that I love our camper and we spend more nights in it then the average RV owner does. It is well made and will be our little home for quite a long time.

This years RV show lacked in new advancements in the industry. We were not excited about any ting we saw. About the only cool things were the motor scooters that were the center of attention. We looked at Lamberetta Scooters, way cool. I bet I could almost get Linda to drive one of those.

I am just starting to think about where we should go for our spring break trip. I am leaning toward the Oregon coast this year. It has been nice to travel down to Utah each spring and get some warmth and sunshine, but I have a bug in my bonnet to get next to the ocean and explore some beaches. I think Linda likes that idea also, we will see, I still have a bit of time.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Four Days In and Getting Acclimated

Acclimated is an interesting way of saying that we are getting used to the tons of snow we ran into in 2009 as we returned to Idaho. My muscles are getting a little less sore, which means that my wrists don't scream in pain when I hold my electric toothbrush up in the proper brushing position. My back no longer is knotted up to the point that I walk like Quasimodo, and children run from me. All this because I used shoveling my roof to help acclimatize to this Idaho white stuff.

As part of our ten step reentry program we drove out to John and Loretta Sutherland's today and had a wonderful breakfast with them. We talked trips and fishing, then John sprung the surprise news on us. They bought a new boat for Christmas. My kind of present I might subliminally suggest to my wife. They bought a Weldcraft 240 Cuddy King, a fisherman's dream boat. We talked about the boat, John showed me the brochure with pictures and I wiped the drool off my chin, while Linda kicked my shin from under the table.

Once the breakfast settled, we hiked down to the lower storage building and with weak knees I explored the new Cuddy. Did I say that this was a fisherman's dream? They dragged me away after we explored and we donned our snowshoes.

The sun was blazing as we hiked about a mile loop around their property. John pointed out the ridge that he got his deer on last fall and showed me where his property line backed up against the US Forest Service land. We came across several areas where the elk had been bedding down, and there were tracks everywhere. Snowshoeing was great! It was fluffy enough that walking was a workout, but you could go just about anywhere. We were heading back to the house, along the Northeast boundary of their property when we walked down a wind swept slope. I caught my shoe on a branch and launched myself head first down the hill, somewhat like a four man bobsled. At the bottom of the hill, John stood and watched the spectacle. Scout and Kobi, the dogs of the great white north, did not hesitate and immediately licked me in the face. I was a bit tangled and with the wet willies I was receiving it was a bit embarrassing to say the least.

I got myself together and we hiked on, arriving at the house within about ten minutes. Once we stripped off the snow gear, we all gathered around the couch and looked at our Mexico photos. By the time we were finished it was time to get back home, Kobi was beat, I was beat up. Well at least my pride was. Linda and I hiked down to the truck and as we drove out the driveway I looked over my shoulder to where the new boat was sheltered and said to myself, "Now that's a fishing boat!"

Friday, January 02, 2009

2009, Day Two

We got up and drove into Coeur d'Alene for our first venture to the big city since our trip. I don't care what anyone says, drivers are frickin' crazy in this area! I thought Mexico was bad, but after a while you realize that in the chaos of road travel in Melaque, people are going every direction in every form of vehicle, but they are doing it in a way that you feel like everyone is watching out for each other. Here it is every person for them selves, and you have to watch out because snow only adds to their "it's about me" persona.

Enough of that, we did our shopping and went to the bank to put back the money we didn't use on the trip. Here is an interesting tidbit, $377.00 for 5000 pesos using the debit card machine in Melaque. That is a bout 12.5 pesos to the dollar, which is real good. Last year it was about 10 pesos to the dollar. As part of our Mexico package, we usually bring home about $200 dollars in pesos and at the exchange, this year the pesos we took down with us made us $50, or about that.

After all our errands we came home and I went back up on the roof to work out a bit. It's part of my new 2009 fitness package. I go up on the roof daily and toss snow down on my dog. I get a workout, and Kobi thinks it is a great game. So far Kobi is getting far less of a workout as I am.

One more day and the entire house roof will be cleared. I am close to getting it done right now, but I can only lift and throw for about an hour and a half before my wrist give out. I would think that all that volleyball in the pool would have prepared me for all this snow.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

We Made It!

You wake up in Mexico, go to the Wednesday market, and play volleyball in the pool. At night we are in Seattle, watching it rain as the fireworks explode on the Space Needle.

In between all this we said our good- byes to Larry and Maggie, Art and the rest of the volleyballers; packed up all our goodies and clothes; thanked Leone for all her help and then finally, Larry loaded us into his new truck and drove us to the airport.

The flights to Seattle were very uneventful; moving from one plane to the next was quick and smooth. Even the shuttle to our hotel was quick and easy.

Thursday morning we were up before the sun and got our gear together. We slept as well as you might expect being in a hotel on New Year ’s Eve. There were a couple loud groups of people that hung around our door celebrating, but that did not last long. We purchased coffee and a treat and decided to try to get on the early flight to Spokane. The shuttle arrived and so we were off on the final leg of our journey.

We made the early flight and got loaded on board; we sat there for about an hour while they solved a problem with the Spokane airport guidance systems. We finally were in the air and, though the flight was bumpy, things went smoothly otherwise.

We arrived home at about 12:00 PM and unloaded the baggage. Linda ordered pizza and I put on my weather gear and climbed up on the roof and shoveled snow. Kobi was glad to see us, but was reserved in his enthusiasm. I think he is still a kid and doesn’t have all the emotional baggage that comes with being old.

From 80 degrees to four feet of snow in about 24 hours, it’s pretty amazing. I know the New Year will bring some more great adventures. We have already started making plans for a trip in August to see Don and Caroline and possibly the volleyball crew from across the street in Mexico. We had a great year and Linda and I are looking forward to being with Kobi and traveling as much as we can. I’ll try to post a bit during the new year doldrums, maybe clean up the photos and post some you haven’t seen.