Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Super Sunday

Gameday... ZZZzzz  ZZZzzz  
Is there a game today?  I stayed up late listening to the Zags beat BYU. 

The Daigle family, our French friends, at the Casa Grande are all abuzz. Being from Maine you know who most of them want. All we can do is try to find small connections to the Eagles. A couple players are from the Pacific Northwest; I think from Spokane. We don't really have a dog in the fight, so we are choosing the Eagles as our team in the game. (Mostly, we just want the Patriots to lose - Linda) Not too exciting. Oh well, there is always the food.

A photo of me accepting my cribbage trophy.
By the time the game started the place was packed. Someone estimated about 30 people. Everyone was drinking, eating and playing games. There were 16 players in the big cribbage tournament. It was big, 10 pesos (about 50 cents) to enter. Linda and I signed up and there was a blind draw to pick everyone's opponents.The games were set up so that if you kept winning, you climbed to become the Casa Grande Champion. If you lost a game, you dropped into the consolation bracket to try to climb up that way. Two losses and you were out.

Linda and I never met in the tournament. Well, we both played pretty well and if we wanted to play each other, we could have. You see, I won and became the Casa Grande Champion, while Linda lost her first one but became the Consolation Champion.  All the money collected went to us and we have decided we will quit our day jobs and become cribbage professionals.

After the cribbage and other games ended we all ate our fill of chicken wings, chips, dips and other great food items. Then the game began! The crowd that gathered to watch was definitely rooting for the Patriots. We watched as the game progressed and the teams took turns scoring. In rooting for the underdog, my philosophy is to keep a low profile and let the game play out. If my team does well and wins, I make sure to complement the other team and accept my win without a whole bunch of bravado. This seldom happens from the other side, but Linda and I like to respect someone else's loss. That was the case in this Super Bowl. The team that won did a good job, the team that lost also played very well. It was a fun game to watch. 

Next year, maybe the Seahawks will be in the big game. Then we will see if I act the same way. LOL

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