Saturday, January 07, 2017

Hanging Out

Yes, that is all we are doing. Hanging out. All is well and the weather is perfect. I am posting so that I can tell Jacquie and Grant, we miss them.

I also want to mention two of our other friends Julia and Rob so that they can flip us the bird. They follow our posts and get upset because they can't join us. Just rubbing it in I guess.

Photo confessions: I took this picture along with several other photos from the same spot on the beach. Using Picasa, I put my usual contrast filter on it. Then I went into Photoshop Elements and opened the sunset photo in the background and found a photo that had the three skim boarders on it.

I removed everything on the skim boarder layer except the three boys and moved their features on top of the sunset in the center position. Then I cleaned a bunch of swimmers out of the sunset layer and flattened the image. When this was finished I took the photo into Picasa again and did a final filter for the color intensity.

When the photo was posted on Instagram it came out very color heavy. On Facebook, it looked much different. I'm not suer how this will look, but I'll give it a try.

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