Monday, January 16, 2017

All Terrain Vehicle Trip

Ride like the wind! I gotta ride! Here, hold my beer!

Through the waters of Arroyo Seco.
We all gathered at Ray's place for an ATV ride into the jungle today.  Nine intrepid riders of all skill levels gathered around our guide as he explained where we were heading for our day's adventure.  We mounted our trusty steeds and motored off through the streets of Melaque, onto the beach sands, passed through the barrio of Barra and up Arroyo Seco, deep into the plantations and jungle that surround our area.

What a blast we had. We churned through sand, climbed rock trails, splashed through the flowing river and wound along jungle trails. At the end of the ride, we hiked to a beautiful waterfall where we frolicked and swam.

It was Linda's first time on an ATV and she drove it like she had been on them all her life. I loved the fact that she had such a good time. 

I highly recommend adventuring out into the jungle in this fashion; it was a blast!

Jill speeds along in her color coordinated outfit.

Art splashes on up the cool river.

Bo and Jo lead Larry and Iris up toward the waterfall.

Linda gasses her ATV up a sandy hill.
Jo and Bo contemplate the tail ahead.

Barry riding sweep.

Our guide for the day, Ray.

Bug in her bandana and helmet.

The hike up to the waterfall.

Lots of big rocks needed maneuvering.

Art, Linda, and Ray made it to the falls. Well worth the hike!

Linda and Ray enjoy the end of the trail. 

Sliding down over the rocks on the descent.

We had to do some hard down-climbing on the way back.


Larry sunk it in a bit!



Resting during the rescue.

Back at it. She gave me that look.

We didn't feed a single buzzard today!

Our gang. From left: Larry and Iris, Barry (background), Jill
Linda, Bo and Jo, Art.

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