Sunday, July 27, 2014

St Joe Birthday

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear Linda,
happy birthday to you!

Linda's birthday breakfast.
July 24th is the most important day of the year and this year we spent that day up on the St. Joe River camping with friends at Huckelbery Campground. We caravaned up to the campground with Bill and Teri Burch and grabbed two camp spots.  The place was packed!  Our sites were next to each other and very nice.  We had a great evening of sitting around the campfire and just resting.

The next day Ryan, Holly, Zane and Anica Edwards drove up and camped with us.  Ryan's dad Russ joined us and spent a night around the fire.  Ryan and I went fly fishing and we really had a good time. Back at the campground the kids went swimming and had a lot of fun.

Fudge brownies after birthday dinner.
On Linda's birthday we were joined by Rayelle, Mike and Julia Anderson and we celebrated Linda's big day all together.  We had a great trip, I got to fish and Kobi was kept real busy by the kids.

On the way home we were lucky and Linda spotted a big old cow moose eating in one of the marshes next to the road.  If I am not mistaken this is the eleventh moose I have been able to see this year.

Campfire fun.
Blowing bubbles.
Breakfast of champions!
Look at this photo.
Then look at this one. Coincidence? Hummm...

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