Sunday, August 03, 2014

About 1200 Miles

We decided that it was about time that we check out our next door neighbors and see where and how they live.  When I say “next door neighbors”, I am talking about our friends that live next door to us while we are in Melaque, Mexico.

A=D, in our trip map.
Larry and Maggie live across Reforma at the compound called Las Palmas.  We met these folks years ago and have kept in close contact with them since.  Last year when we did the Really Big Adventure, we followed them down to Melaque from the US Border.  They were our mentors and guides for the down and back exploration of the Mexican highways.  These two live in Anacortes, Washington and this was our destination for the first leg of the trip.

An old wives tale states that visitors are like fish; they are only fresh for a few days and then they get a bit stinky.  Our plan is to visit Larry and Maggie just long enough so that we don’t get to smelling too bad and then hit the road and mosey on up into Canada to a place called Lac La Hache where we will visit our next set of neighbors, Jill and Barry.

Jill and Barry are not really neighbors.  They are the people who rent the Pink House, the place where we stay in Melaque, after we leave.  Last year was the first year where we stayed longer and so when we moved out of the Pink House and they moved in, we got to meet and know them.  What a great couple!  Now we are making the journey up to their place in Canada and hopefully we won’t become like stinky fish up there.

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