Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hot on the Salmon

The Fuhrman's, as they are referred to, have an annual Lower Salmon float so Linda and I invited our selves along this year. We put on at Hammer Creek located near Whitebird, Idaho. For a Saturday put-on there were very few boats launching so things went real smooth.  Our group consisted of the Fuhrman's; which included Jim and his wife Leann, Mike Fuhrman, and Conor and his wife Mica. Steve and Julie Fitzgerald, Sharon and Greg Perry and finally the Bennett's rounded out the flotilla. We floated down about six miles and set up our first camp.  The weather was hot during the entire trip and once on the beach we hunkered down under our umbrellas at the waters edge.

The second day we made our way down to White House Bar and set up our cam there.  Note to self, this beach may seem nice but the sun goes down late and then it comes up early so if it is hot you spend a lot of time hunkered down.  We had rain this night so Linda and I had to scramble and set up our tent in the middle of a great sleep.

We floated down to just above Wapshilla and stayed the night.  The next morning everyone except for the Fitzgeralds and our boat went on down the river and we spent a layover day under our umbrellas.


Every time I went to the John this guy talked to me.

The Fuhrman's left on Tuesday and that left the Fitzgearld's and our boat on the beach for a lay-over day.

The Chinese miners who worked the area lived here.

The white layer is said to be ash from the Crater Lake eruption.


Little snake in the pool behind our camp.

We floated out and down past the confluence of the Snake River and the Salmon on Wednesday. When we reached Heller Bar, the take out, the truck temperature gauge said it was 110 degrees out. Now keep in mind that the trucks were sitting in the sun. Fitz had to use gloves to drive his rig because the steering wheel was to hot. In Lewiston we got a reading on a bank of 106 degrees and our truck read 105 so I'm going with that.

Akbar, our Snake River boatman moves us down river.

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