Sunday, June 22, 2014

Oregon Pt. 2 - Eugene & The Coast

We visited Diana, Al Dee and the kids at there home in Eugene.  During our stay we spent the day hiking and exploring the coast around the Florence Oregon area. We hiked to the beach, by way of crossing Tahkenitch Creek and then climbing over sand dunes. Once there we did some beach combing trying to find sand dollars. After that we drove up the coast to Cape Perpetua and visited the sights there.

Al Dee must  had just finished reading a book called “Trivia of Eugene and Lane County” because everywhere we went he had little factoids about the area’s history.  Most of the stories ended in someone dying either by being crushed by a falling object, being sucked into water or mud, or by having a plane, train or raging animal hit them. By the end of the stay we were afraid to ask any local knowledge questions for fear of the gory story that would follow.
Oregon's second longest covered bridge.

Al Dee crossing Tahkenitch Creek.
"I'll give you a quarter if you run up the sand dune."

View from Cape Perpetua.
From the shelter looking south.

Thor's Well at high tide.
The Spouting Horn at Cook's Chasm.

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