Sunday, June 22, 2014

Oregon Coast Pt. 3 - South Beach State Park

Linda and Kobi at Seal Beach.
On our last post I spoke of local knowledge and how Al Dee fed us trivia about the area around Eugene. For our trip from Eugene to the coast, Al Dee gave us directions that would cut off about a half hour driving time by going around the outskirts of Corvallis.

We had short lived, great intentions of following his directions but in just a few blocks and after the second right hand turn we came upon a train connecting its cars. We sat, and sat. After 20 minutes of just sitting there watching a very slow train go by, we abandoned his directions and took a right trying to get past the train.  

We zigged and zagged and finally wound up on the same road that we started on, only three blocks past the train crossing. This set us back about a half hour, but we were back on track following Al Dee’s advice.

Waldport bridge in the background.
Our second mistake came when Linda was talking and I blew past the road we were supposed to turn on. Once past the road Linda tried to get us back on track but I blew past that turn also.  I pulled over, checked a map and decided to try the next road, but blew past that one too. Frustrated, I turned into a parking lot and proceeded to get stuck by not being able to make the turn around. The only way out was to get out and unhook the Jeep, make the turn and then re-hook everything.  This maneuver took about 15 minutes, and we were on our way. We drove back to the original road Al Dee suggested and we were back on the trail.

The two boys on South Beach.
The final thing that happened was a missed turn caused by the driver not being able to see and read the road name.  This put us directly in the middle of a small town and we spent 10 minutes cursing side streets trying to find a way to the highway.

By now if you add up all the goofs, Al Dee’s short cut took us about an hour longer then he thought it would.  The rest of the trip to South Beach State Park was un-eventful, except for when I pulled off the side of the road to go to the bathroom and we sank deep into the shoulder. That’s another story, for another time.

Spouting off at Depo Bay.
Our campsite is OK, these beach state parks draw a huge number of campers. The showers are good with continuous hot water and we have had no problems getting in.  On Monday we explored around Newport and drove as far up as Depo Bay. The day was uneventful. I don't think we even bough any trinkets.

On Tuesday we loaded up and drove to Lincoln City. Our first stop was the outlet stores where Linda bough out Under Armor as I slept in the Jeep with Kobi. After the shopping frenzy we stopped at a store and purchased sandwiches, drinks and chips for lunch. We drove back south to Boiler Bay State Wayside and enjoyed our lunch.  As we finished up we spotted a whale and spent the next hour watching it play in the foam just off shore.
Boiler Bay State Wayside looking south.

The whale show after lunch.

On Wednesday we hooked the Jeep up and headed back to Cd'A.  We stayed the night at Peach Beach RV near Biggs and then got up early and drove home.  We were in the driveway by 2 PM and had almost everything cleaned and ready to go back into the camper by 4:30 PM.  We both have said that we are ready to get going again!

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