Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Couple Thoughts - That's All I Have

I have been thinking about Blogging quite a bit since my Brother-in-law Al Dee, created a way cool coffee table book of my first two years of blogging. He used a web based publisher called Blurb and the final product was mind boggling. I can’t say how much I like my gift and it is so typical that Diana and Al Dee would come up with such a great idea.

While thinking about blogging, a friend and co-worker, Alex started a blog. I teased him about this because when the “Weird Al” Yankovich song White & Nerdy came out (you have to hear it and listen to the words), Alex was all over me because I had created a MySpace for my dog Baka. As Al says "I even made a MySpace for my dog!", so the endless teasing began. The Team Harris blog gave me the opportunity for payback, but I think it is also giving Alex an opportunity to let his friends see what is happening in his world and what he is thinking.

I keep up with Beth’s blog and follow her links and attachments. A recent post led me to the blog of Andrew Olmsted who was in the service and blogging from Iraq. Andrew was killed serving our country, his last post was very thought provoking and sad. Andrew had the vision to write his last post just in case he was killed, I wish I had found his blog before he died. Visit it and see what I mean.

Holly and Ryan Edwards have started a blog for their family. Since Zane arrived they found that this would work well to keep their friends and family posted on his accomplishments as well as how their family was progressing with all the new adventures before them.

You are probably asking why I was thinking about this so much. Each of these blogs is written and maintained in a different format and style. Each provides a look into the lives of the individual who posts on them. I have really enjoyed being able to see what each of these folks are doing, thinking, and believing. There blogs have led me to many interesting sites with though provoking information. It has opened up my world significantly.

Blogging has given me a chance to document our trips and our family happenings. The most important by-product for me is the history it provides. I can use the site to recall when we did something and where we went. When I feel down, I can go in and read the posts and it lifts me up and reminds me how lucky I am. I now feel that it is such an important part of my life, that I will be invested in blogging until I post my final post, much like Andrew.


Anonymous said...

Cool Post Dean. Our family thanks you for our new way to communicate and share events and pictures. I enjoy posting to the blog and it keeps me off my addiction to ebay and craigslist.....
Think of our troops everyday.
Ryan and Family

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the Blurb Book. I had fun putting it together. I tried to do the entire blog but for some reason the blog slurper wouldn't allow me to use the third year photos. Just as well, I was pushing the wire to get it done by the time I got it ordered. I had first tried to do a larger format but the resolution of some of the pic's just wouldn't cooperate with me so I had to use the smaller format. Forgive the errors that are here and there in the book......

The Andrew Olmsted link is very thought provoking. Thanks for sharing it.