Saturday, February 20, 2016


I usually roll out of bed and go to the bathroom about 3:30 AM.  It's at this time that one rooster, somewhere out by the lagoon, starts out his endless pursuit of a hen.  Once this guy starts, then a chorus of misfit roosters starts in crowing, until we get out of bed for the morning.

I am used to the roosters, in fact, I have gotten used to the dogs barking endlessly at nothing at all. The dogs and roosters take the lead as a million frogs choke out their love calls. It becomes a symphony of noise which is then broken right around 8:00 AM, with the sound of the Global Gas truck starting it's daily neighborhood runs.

Off in the distance, you can hear a faint "Global Gas" blared from the trucks sound system. On our street, as the truck comes closer, the local dogs start a mournful howl, joining the gas trucks wail. For five minutes or so it is like these creatures are trying to tell the truck to keep on going, it is not wanted here. The truck drives on and the dog song stops. This happens twice a day and makes me laugh each time.

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