Sunday, February 14, 2016

Back to Pedro's

Yesterday we went over the hill to La Manzanilla so that Tom and Debra could have a day on the beach.  It was another great day and I spent most of my time watching all the people doing their beach thing.

During the day, I took a long walk on the beach and took some pictures. One set of photos was of vultures sitting on tree limbs, and another was of a single vulture sitting on a concrete pillar overlooking a cemetery. I felt this was a little eerie so I quickly walked away.

Back at Pedro's, I sat and ate my shrimp tacos. A mariachi band came into the area and I had to laugh. Our friend Dennis had a theory: if he was eating and a band of any type came into the area, it or the singer would set up directly behind Dennis and he would be forced to listen to their music. Dennis would get a look on his face and we would laugh.  This video is for Dennis.

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