Friday, June 20, 2014

Oregon Pt. 1 - Alfalfa, Horses and Birds of Prey

About all Linda said was “I need to be an Aunt for a few days!” so we got on the phone and invited ourselves down to Eugene Oregon for a visit to her sister and family.   They are in a new house, one we hadn't seen, making our visit easier to validate. On Tuesday morning we forced Kobi into the truck and started our adventure.

When we planned the trip we contacted our good friend Shawna to see if we could stop off and visit her for a few days.  She lives in Alfalfa just outside of Bend on a ranch.  She OK-ed the visit which broke up our travels.

The other thing we did was to drive down to a RV campground on the Columbia River near Biggs, OR. We arrived at the Peach Beach RV Campground about 2 PM and got the rig set up.

As I inspected everything I noticed that the Jeep had three screws in the passenger rear tire.  I immediately panicked and started to change it out for the spare.  Once I got my head under control I Googled tire places around Biggs and found that ten miles away there was a Les Schwab in Goldendale.  I put my tools away and hit the road.

The wind had been blowing hard all day and boy it had its way with Stinky Jeep.  I fought the wheel for the ten miles up to the flats and into Goldendale and found Les’s place. The young man got me in to the repair area right away.  found the screws and made the repairs informing me that two out of the three were leaking air. This made me feel better about my freak out.  I drove back to Peach Beach and Linda made dinner. Kobi and I went for a walk and then we all went to bed.

Morning was a bit lazy because we had all day to get to Alfalfa. We loaded up and were on the road by 10 AM.  The drive was uneventful and we found the ranch very easily. 

Shawna was still at work, so we set up the camper and soaked up the sun in our lounge chairs.

Once Shawna arrived we started catching up while we doctored two of their houses.  RH (Red Horse) has some kind of infection in his hock. He needed to have cold water sprayed on the area and he also had to take some medicine.  The other horse, John Wayne, had a cough so he also got to choke down a bit of goo. I learned that when administering medicine via the horse’s mouth, you will probably get most of it on your cloths.

Evening brought a great sunset and we ate dinner then called it a night.

Shawna got up and did her horse chores and we got ready for our day.  Linda and I went into Bend and visited the High Mountain Dessert Museum and Shawna went to work.

The Museum was very interesting and we both really enjoyed all the exhibits. Our favorite was a live birds of prey program where they flew live birds around us while a ranger told us facts about the bird’s lives. The Raptors of the Desert Sky Program, included a Barn Owl, a Great Horned Owl, a Vulture, two hawks and a falcon.

We met Shawna back at the ranch and she had brought pizza home for us. We stuffed ourselves and talked until about 10PM.  We were moving on in the morning and Shawna had a big orientation program that she was in charge of so we called it a night.

I guess I Otter end this post.

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Shawna Elsberry said...

Thanks for making Alfalfa a part of the adventure!!!!!