Sunday, January 21, 2018

Slow News Day!

The day I went fishing, Linda went with everyone out to the Banana Plantation to swim, eat and drink. They must have had a great time because Linda came home and fell directly asleep on the kitchen couch.

I asked her to write up the day but she said that they didn't do anything different from the last two years, I guess that you can look back in this blog if you want to know more about those trips.

Linda did, however, take a couple photos on her phone and I was able to get them downloaded and placed here.

What has been happening since fishing you ask? I came down with a really bad chest cold and Linda has been taking care of me. Today was the first day away from our casa and now I am worn out. All I did was go to the pool and watch volleyball. I do think I have turned the corner. We will see.

No plans for any adventures. I will post if anything comes up. I guess we have started to really be "On Mexico Time."

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