Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Cruise Food

Now that we are home and meeting up with our friends, the stories of the cruise have been told. I usually go on and on about the luxury of the entire experience. The first thing I always tell my friends about is the food and how good it was. I probably talk a little too much about the food experience. I know that because I see it in the eyes of our friends who sit there smiling as I tell then "The food was amazing!", for the fifth time.

So here are a bunch of food photos. They were all taken by our friend Carolina. I was too busy filling my plate to take photos. Enjoy!
Won ton tomato!
Sushi Bar every night!
Sushi King!

Desert Bar every night!

Sushi, even Linda could not pass this up!

Stake so tender you could cut it with a fork!
Prawns and Crab at the Sushi Bar.
Just bread.... Ouch!
Lobster, it's there if you want it.
Did I show you the Sushi Bar?

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