Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Olympics and Sea Level

The first view of the Olympics and Hurricane Ridge.
We mentioned that the drive we selected from Ocean Shores to Salt Creek Recreation Area was a bit curvy, and I feel I need to mention that the drive from Salt Creek Recreation Area to Olympic National Park was once again a bit curvy and steep. That is the way when following the “path less followed.”

The truck was a champ and chugged up the mountains and into one of the most beautiful panoramas you could ask for. The Olympics stretched out in front of us on one side of the ridge and more peaks plus the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Vancouver Island and our neighbor, Canada, on the other side.
We took more photos than necessary, climbed back into the truck, put it in low gear and chugged back down and on to Ft. Worden State Park
Linda and I had barely gotten our camper set up when Don and Caroline, followed by their friend, Linda, pulled in. We helped them get some of their gear set up and then went for a walk. I have to admit our weather has been amazing during our entire trip over to the coast.

Mt. Baker from Olympic National Park.
The next couple days were filled with bike rides and exploring. The weather held as we took in Ft. Worden and Port Townsend. On Tuesday the sun was ringed with a halo, everyone said it was a sign of incoming bad weather.

Wednesday we drove into Port Townsend to look around and found ourselves right in the middle of the staging area for the Race to Alaska. This race is a 750-mile non-motorized vessel race from Port Townsend to Ketchikan, Alaska. Linda and I had read a very good article in Outside Magazine after the first year’s race. We were excited to see that it was taking place starting at 5 am on Thursday. We walked around the downtown area and listened to the various participants chat as they set up their boats. Everyone was very excited.

At noon we got a bit hungry so we went to the boatyard area of Port Townsend and found a little dive café called the Blue Moose. We had a great lunch there before we went back to the camper.  A pretty eventful day; the sun was still out, but there is a change coming. 
Family portraits (Above and below.)

Point Wilson Light.
Tolles Bunker.
Linda at Benson Bunker along Gun Line Road.
There were many deer on Artillery Hill.
Mt. Baker from a gun placement at Ash Bunker.
Riding Gun Line Road.
Boats competing in the R2AK.
Strait of Juan de Fuca.
The sign of our weather changing.
Lunch at the Blue Moose Cafe.

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