Monday, March 27, 2017

The Last Couple Days

The Rendezvous came to an end quietly. The movie we were watching, The Accountant, ended and we stood up to retire to bed. We all quietly hugged goodbye.  It was a rather appropriate ending to the two weeks together. The six of us had met in Mexico and formed our friendships there and being together at the end of the rendezvous just felt right.

Just give'r!
Let me step back a day or so and bring you up to speed. Grant and Jacquie, Linda and I left our southernmost campground at Carl G. Washburne Memorial State Park, drove north, and then stayed one final night at Nehalem Bay State Park.  Our evening there was the typical cards, dinner, and bed. The next morning we caravanned up to Westport and stayed two nights at Don and Caroline Samuelson’s house.

Don and Caroline were in Mexico when they met Grant and Jacquie. They were all staying at the same place, La Paloma, and we were invited to dinner one night. That’s when we all met.  We have all stayed in touch and have tried really hard to get back together. This trip provided us the perfect opportunity to extend our friendship that we had formed down south.

And we were stopped at the highest point! 
Grant and Jacquie and Linda and I spent a bit of Friday, driving around Westport looking the area over. I bought some cool boots (finally) that will keep my feet dry. Of course, we would be leaving the coast that next day and I will probably never again be in the downpours of rain that we had on this trip. The boots will get used back home, and like I said, they are cool!

Caroline fed us too much! We had chips and dips with whole crabs for lunch. Crab for lunch, I have never had crab for lunch before!  Then in the evening, she fixed us clam chowder and breaded razor clams. What a treat! It was wonderful!
We're going to make the Zags game!

Add to all this, we were able to watch the Gonzaga Bulldogs play and win. It was the best end to the Can-Am that we could ask for!

Friday night came too fast, the movie ended and so did our trip. The next morning Linda and I got up and drove home. It was a long and uneventful drive but by traveling non-stop we were able to watch our Zags beat Xavier and enter the NCAA Final Four.

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