Monday, December 05, 2016

Very, Very Nice

We have been having great weather down here. It has rained one afternoon and two nights, but that has not been a problem. In fact, it has cooled the air temperatures down to a very comfortable level. We hit the mid 80's to low 90's each day and then the evenings cool off into the mid 60's. Great sleeping weather.

Sleeping here has been a bit of a problem for both of us. We may have said that our beds are less than desirable. They are Mexican hard and there is no comparison to our bed at home. 

We took a trip to Cihuatlan with Barry and Leigh to do some grocery shopping. We stopped into a little department store and found an egg carton foam pad to put on Linda's bed and we ordered another for mine. Lee and Barry are driving through again on Wednesday on their way to Colima, so they will pick up the second one. Linda has slept on her's two nights now and we think it will help.

Yesterday we helped decorate the palapa next to the pool. Our next door neighbors Rinette and Jeanmarie, Giles  and Regina, and Claudette all gathered providing the workforce. The French and English was flying as everyone made sure the lights were working and hung perfectly around the beams of the shelter. 

As I said before, we are settling into our routines. We miss everyone from home, miss our dog, but don't miss the weather.

Like I said, it did rain one afternoon.

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