Friday, December 16, 2016

Thinking Back

Our days have been quiet compared to previous Decembers in Melaque. We made a decision last year to spend more time at the Casa Grande and in doing so, we saved enough money to pay for our upcoming Copper Canyon trip. The trade-off is that we couldn't stay on the beach in the Pink House and we didn't have our usual set of Idaho guests visiting us. This has proven to be a bit harder than expected. 

Don't get me wrong, we love being down here no matter where or with whom. It has just been a very quiet December. Holly, our family friend who has visited us several times with her family, wrote us an email yesterday. She explained her thoughts on missing their visit down this year. 

She said, "Every day I dream of all the things I love: the beach, the heat, the wonderful restaurants, the town square, the grocery store, Linda’s margaritas—all margaritas really, La Manzanilla and Barra de Navidad, playing cribbage in those crappy white plastic chairs on the beach, the bus rides, the friendly Mexicans, the ice cream shop, exploring other towns, eating fish that Dean and Ryan catch, experiencing different culture, watching the kids play with Dean and Ryan in the pool, walking with Linda, the simplicity of life, I could go on and on." 

That sums up the Melaque experience very well. Holly, Ryan, and the kids have made our Christmas's very special over the couple of years that they visited. Everything about this place grows on you.  

For our celebration photo this year we brought something special with us.  For two years now the kids have brought a Christmas tree that they drew and colored. We posted it in the living room and put presents under it. Santa visited during the night and left gifts for Anika and Zane. 

The tree last year had silver snowflakes taped to it as decorations. Before we left Idaho, we visited the Edward's, had dinner and watched the Seahawks play.  The kids had hung the Christmas tree that they drew last year, by the fireplace. Before we left their home, Linda and I took one of the silver snowflakes with us and we brought it to Mexico. It reminds us daily of the fun we had when we were with this wonderful family.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Anonymous said...

A great post! Ryan is such a handsome fella. I'm sure you miss him a lot. To be blessed with his presence is pretty special and it's good you recognize it. Love Santa