Saturday, May 17, 2014

Relaxing in Lewiston

Hell's Gate State Park was our destination last week, it was a test run for our friends from Westport and a chance for Linda and I to get away and visit.  Don and Caroline packed up their Casita and joined us at the park on the Snake River.

Panoramic view of Asotin Wa. from the hills above the Snake River.
Relaxation was the key word for this trip.  We rested around camp and watched all the numerous RVs come and go.  Dinners were prepared and shared with a focus on kiss, keeping it simple stupid.

Selfie of man and dog.
During the week we walked and hiked, road our bikes, and three of us even hit a couple of buckets of golf balls.  It was a great time.

We had a strange encounter one early morning.  Linda and I were sleeping when we heard Kobi start barking and then continue growling.  Linda got up and looked into the truck cab and spotted a raccoon standing on the dash of the truck.  I got on my sweats and we both launched out of the camper.  Linda opened the doors but the critter wasn't moving! I grabbed a broom and smacked it in the butt.  It took off and climbed a nearby tree.  We calmed Kobi down and checked everything out.  The coon got a bit of dog food but that was it.  I checked the windows and was surprised just how small the windows were cracked. The raccoon must have been able to squeeze in through one of the front windows. I closed all the windows and we went back to bed.

Dashboard coon tracks.

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Steve Fitzgerald said...

Imagine being Kobi and watching that critter slither through that small opening!! Yikes!