Saturday, May 31, 2014

Linda's Windermere Marathon

Getting into her run gear.
About three years ago Linda ran the Coeur d'Alene Half Marathon and said she wanted to continue training and then run a marathon.  So she set a goal and signed up to run the Windermere Marathon. For the next two years she trained, but both years she got injured and was unable to run the race.

Today Linda competed in the marathon, she was injury free and has trained since the first of February. I was appointed as chief marathon support and took my job very seriously.

4:30 AM - The alarm went off and I struggled out of bed. Linda had been up getting ready since 3:45 AM. I kept my head down and got everything we needed ready to go. You know I hate early mornings, don't you? Everything went very smoothly and we were out of the house on time.

6:00 AM - We reach the marathon start area and Linda gets into her morning run groove.  It was a slow groove, we realized everyone running was just sitting around waiting for the start. In a marathon there isn't a lot of pre-race warming up because you have 26.2 miles to do that. We sat and talked, texted and waited.

6:50 AM - Race start 7:00 AM, we are on hold due to some buses and vans getting lost. I guess we have to start with everyone here.
And they're off!

7:20 AM - Race starts, FINALLY!

From this point I spend my time moving from one spot on the course to another cheering, taking photos, eating donuts, answering txts, and  posting to facebook, and refilling Linda's supplies.

Race Mile 8 - I pull into Krispy Kreme Donuts and pick up one of their coffee and glazed donuts specials.  This should hold me to the end of the race.
Marathon support necessities.
Race Mile 10 - Linda started getting foot cramps.

Race Mile 13 - Linda started getting calf cramps.

When Linda was training she ran up to 19 miles without getting cramps of any type.  However, today the temperatures were way above the numbers she had faced on her longer training runs and thus the cramping. She had been very careful to drink water and eat correctly but in hindsight we should have had some bananas to add to the pre race and also during the race regiment.
Near Mirabeau Park.

Race Mile 16 - Linda feels her toe nail pull up. She is now running on a torn toe nail. From this point to mile 18 she runs, but has to start walking every few blocks.

Race Mile 19 -  With the pain of the toe and the cramps Linda starts walking and finished the rest of the race at a fast walk.  I think that is pretty gutsy and I was very proud of her!

Linda finished in 5 hours and 5 minutes. That was a great first marathon time.  I know that if we were to go again she would definitely hit the goal that she set of finishing under five hours. Heck she was five minutes off as it was and she was running with a bad wheel and cramps and walked the last 7.5 miles!

Once we picked up her rose and medal, I helped her into the Jeep and we drove home. She can still move (barely) and she took an ice bath and is now resting.  I am so proud of her I can't explain it.  So I will smile and take a nap. Race support is hard business!

About mile 16 ish, she told me about her toe.
Close to the finish line and still smiling.
You did it Bug! Yahoo!
Linda knocked another item off her bucket list!

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Al Dee Sollinger said...

Whoo Hoo.

Well done and congrats to Linda.

Impressed by the smile. I would have been frowning by mile one and weeping by mile 3.