Tuesday, April 08, 2014

The Post Post

It’s Tuesday and the sun is out, they say it is about 70 degrees out there today.  I got up and made coffee, it took me a bit to remember where everything was. Linda went out for a run, Kobi found his spot over by the entertainment bar.

We had several things to get done today. I wanted to get the water out of the camper and to put bleach in it to disinfect the tanks and hoses. Check. We needed to go to the bank and the store. Check.  We wanted to unload the trailer and start to put stuff away. Check. Finally we took the trailer over to the place where I bought it to get the six month check-up completed.  Check.

I figured out how much we spent in diesel fuel to get down there ($911.20) and how much we spent coming back ($1146.18). Our total was about $2057.38 for the 6204 miles we drove.  I have the costs for tolls ($260.29 for 31 stops), truck insurance, tourists fees, policia payoffs and damages incurred, but that only come to about another $1000.00. Is it less expensive to drive? No I don’t think so. Are we glad we did it?  Yes, definitely.  Will we drive again?  Probably not, been there, done that.

It is a bit strange coming home to the place after being gone since November 23.  We drove directly into Coeur d’Alene and stopped at Linda’s parents place.  They were so relieved to see her. We could see it in their eyes.

The trip from Moab to Coeur d’Alene was uneventful.  The only thing to report is a bad report about the KOA in Dillon.  The place was old and well used and the shower areas were dirty.  I had more complaints then Linda, but for $5 more we could have had big clean showers at the other RV campground in town.

The weather was great and we sailed over the Utah and Montana highways. As we got closer to home we started talking about the trip and what we thought.  Both of us are of the same mind, we loved it and think we are going to miss everything about traveling, Mexico, Melaque, and the Big Adventure. 


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