Friday, April 04, 2014

The Days Go By

Linda is outside sleeping in the sun, so I thought I would do a bit of catching up on the blog.  We are still enjoying out spot at Goose Island.  It is a great location to sit and watch people come and go.  The movement of campers’ makes our days go a bit faster because we can watch them set up and tear down; or drive around trying to get a spot.

We needed a few groceries yesterday so after Linda did her 11 mile run and Kobi and I met her at about 6 miles, we rode into Moab and went shopping.  The place was jumping and everyone we talked to said that it had been that way since February.  This week is spring break and next week the big Jeep rally starts, so they all were preparing for a long season.

Shopping was our first order of business and we looked in about a dozen shops but came away with nothing.  Mexico has made it hard, things there were very affordable. T-shirts were $10 whereas here they are $21. We ate lunch and it cost us $23 for a burger and a wrap.  In Melaque we were spending $11 and getting stuffed.  Guess we just need more time to adjust.
Nothing caught our eye in the gift department so we moved on the super market. Keep in mind that we were on bikes so our selections had to fit in our packs or could be strapped to the back rack.  We bought the necessities and filled the two packs.  I bought two gallons of water and strapped it onto my rack in the back.  As we rode back home Linda stopped and got a gallon of water for Kobi.  We definitely looked a little strange riding our old Mt. bikes with water strapped on back and packs a bulging.
When we got home we unpacked and fell asleep in our chairs.  I guess we were a bit tired.

End of the trail, the largest natural bridge in Utah.
Today we rode our bikes along the highway to the starting point of the Negro Bill Hiking Trail.  We locked the bikes and helmets to a sign post and then hiked the 4.5 mile trail to the Morning Glory Bridge.  The day was perfect for hiking, high clouds and a bit of blue sky.  We hiked very briskly and when we arrived at the bridge there were only one couple there.  It was very quiet so I took some photos and we drank some water. 

We turned around and made our way out.  As we did we passed probably 30 or so hikers the journey into the bridge.  Many families with kids and a large number of hikers with dogs were on their way in.  We were glad we had left Kobi at camp; he probably would have been a pain in the butt with all the dogs and people to distract him.

Back at the bikes we drank some water and then rode home.  When we got home we unpacked and fell asleep in our chairs.  I guess we were a bit tired, again.

Morning Glory Bridge

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