Saturday, March 29, 2014

Easy Going

The desert this morning was beautiful.  Linda said that the sky at sunrise was clear and the sun tossed rays of light over the harsh landscape.  She ran with the dog as I woke myself up by making coffee and tea for the two of us.

Packing was easy, we are in our traveling mode and it only takes a few minutes to ready the camper and get things put away.  Our departure time was 8:55 AM and we drove up to Lake Havasu State Park and ended the driving day at 3:00 PM.   We debated about going on but we made the right choice by staying.

The park was packed and when we pulled in there was a sign saying that the campground was full. I asked the ranger girl if she knew of other camping areas up the road and she told us about a couple that might be open.  Then she said that there was overflow camping in the old camp area that was now a parking lot.  She said we could give it a look and if we decide to stay, just come up and pay later.

We found a spot and made the decision to call it a day.  It wasn’t the most scenic spot, just a parking lot. At $20 it would do for the night.

There were showers and a bathroom nearby and this proved to make the spot worth the dollars paid.  We both took long hot showers and agreed that they were some of the best showers we had had since we left home.

We ate dinner, played cribbage, mapped out our drive tomorrow, played on the internet, checked Facebook talked to Larry and Maggie and then called it a night. Tomorrow we are continuing north and we should be in Beaver by early afternoon.  (Yes you can giggle that. I’ve been having fun with that name myself!)

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