Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Weather Changed, We Came Home

The rain was the topic of conversation on Thursday. We spent most of the day hanging out, taking walks and trying to stay dry. Linda and I went to Port Townsend and looked around. Linda found a consignment shop and bought a couple things. I think she might have spent $10.

We ended our evening at dinner with Don and Caroline. The Samuelsons always eat at least one meal at Hillbottom Pie when they are in Port Townsend. I was a bit confused because they serve pizza pies and they have a reputation for serving really good dessert pies. When we talked about pie, I was thinking pizza, but Don was talking strawberry-rhubarb pie. I ended up having clam chowder and salad. Both items were very good, by the way.

After dinner, we returned to the campground and set about getting ready to leave in the morning. I emptied all the gray and black water in the holding tanks and packed everything we could. 

We said our goodbyes and were headed out of town by 9:00 am the next morning. Our stay at Ft. Worden was very memorable and we will do it again some day.

Highway 101 lead us south and connected with I-5 north. Traffic was really bad all through the Olympia, Tacoma area and at times we were almost at a complete stop in bumper to bumper traffic. The traffic going north was much better then the poor traffic going south. It looked like they were stopped dead most of the time, as we crept on and eventually got up to speed.

The pass was a race to the top and then a bumper to bumper speed race down the other side. We filled up with fuel in Ellensburg and then drove down to the Columbia River at Vantage, where we turned south and found Wanapum State Park two miles downriver. They charged us $40 for the camp spot, but I was too tired to keep going. We set up, ate dinner and walked about. By 9:30 pm we were asleep.

Morning coffee was quick and painless. We packed up and were on the road for the final leg home. We drove non-stop to our front door. As we backed in to unload, Linda was connecting with friends to get out camping this week. All I could do was smile and head inside to the restroom.

Click here for a link to our photo album of this trip.

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