Friday, June 23, 2017

Joe Again

One of Idaho's best fly-fishing rivers is the St. Joe. The wild cutthroat trout population is the draw and I am rarely disappointed when I get a chance to fish up there. Yesterday we drove up the river and launched our boats at the Huckleberry Campground.

Tom, Mark, and Jeff were in Tom's drift boat and I took my fishing cat up for the ride down river. The river was still a bit high but we had a good day of fishing. I had a little trouble at the start that affected my day on the water.When I got my gear on and went into the water to put on my fins, I found out that my new wading boots were bigger than my old boots and they did not fit on my feet. I had to float down without the flippers and that meant that my boat control was lessened greatly.

With the lack of control and added influence by Mother Nature (wind), I flowed on down the river a bit out of control.  The day was spent tending fishing lines, setting up for runs, and trying to provide the fish populations good drag free fly presentations. In my little cat, I swooped on down the river, plunking sculpin patterns along the bank. I had a ton of hits, but my connection average was a bit low. A great day of fishing ended up being downgraded to a good day, due to all the missed strikes. I sort of felt like the Mariners. Many times I thought I could hear the fish giggling as I sped by their holds.

In the end, I caught several real good fish and had many big hits that I couldn't handle. We spotted a moose in the brush, feeding by the river and one by the road on our way up to the put-in. I would call the day a great Idaho outing. Of course any day you get to play in the Idaho woods is a great day!

This is a 17" Cutthroat Trout. I had caught two fish just prior to this one and had set up my net and got my camera ready hoping to get a photo. I had to work fast but I was able to bring it in and get one really poor photo before releasing it. 
It was a fatty!

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