Monday, March 13, 2017

Quick Stop In Eugene

Our visit to the Sollingers was short, but we crammed quite a bit into the stay.  The first night we ate a wonderful dinner prepared by Al Dee. The chef made the recipe his own by replacing the chicken bouillon with beef. The mistake was attributed to a missing label on the beef bouillon, but the meal turned out very good anyway.

After dinner we played Farkel and Chef Al Dee won in a hotly contested game.

The next morning Diane, who doesn’t read my blog, made an outstanding breakfast. We ate our fill and then gathered in the van and went out to fly Al Dee’s drone.  The rain was intermittent and we had to be flexible about the flight. It rained, so we went to a local airport and watched an old B-17 bomber land.

The bomber was on display in a viewing area. We got a few photos and gathered a couple of informational booklets and headed back into the van.

The rain continued so we drove to TJ Maxx and Cabela’s and shopped around. Diane bought some fudge which she used later in the evening as a blind taste competition. I won that contest naming five out of the six flavors.  Finally, in the late afternoon, we got a break and were able to fly the drone.  That was a blast.

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