Saturday, March 11, 2017

Hitting the Road Again

Our sights were set and our plan was laid out. Eugene Oregon was our first destination and the purpose was two-fold. We needed to pick up Kobi and we wanted to see Linda's sister's family.

On Sunday I began the process of de-winterizing the truck and camper. This included taking the truck off the trickle charger and firing it up, uncovering the camper and stowing the cover, and then a complete de-winterization of the camper its self. I completed this after about two full days of work, so we started packing all the necessities back into our little home.

On Wednesday we had finished the packing of all our needed items; clothes, bathroom necessities, and electronic equipment. Our next phase included packing the food and freezer items. This went relatively easy, but as I type this I can assure you that we have a list of things that we forgot and we will be going to a store sometime in the near future.

We were on the road by 12 noon on Thursday and drove without any problems to a riverside camp spot called, Quesna County Park, located just west of Boardman on the Columbia River. To call it a park is giving it a bit more credit than it deserves. It has a boat launch and lots of gravel spots to stop for the night. Access to the river is good and the view was very nice.  I think this stop gets its park designation from the one pit toilet that it there. We didn't use the toilet so we can't report on it, but if it looks like the rest of the area...

On the road by 8:00 AM we drove straight through to Eugene stopping only for fuel. The day was beautiful clear skies and a temperature of about 62 degrees.

Driving right to the Sollinger's house we let ourselves in and found Kobi sitting wagging his tail. It was so good to see him. With hugs all around and a few ear licks, we got set up in the driveway and waited for the family to arrive home.

The rest of the day was spent catching up with the family and enjoying each others company. Kobi did great and it was like we had never left him. All is good in the Bennett family.

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