Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Over the Holidays

On Christmas Eve we walked into the zocolo with Grant and Jacquie. I took some pictures but none were very good so I only included one. We met the Urquart's in the square, walked around, bought treats, and were home by 9:00 PM.

On Christmas day Linda and I rode our bikes to Las Palmas and joined 21 others in their annual Christmas White Elephant gift exchange. Everyone brought a gift and some finger foods, and we all enjoyed the morning exchanging gifts.

I ended up receiving a sign that said "Mi Casa es Mi Casa" and Linda got a nice little wood tray and a pound of coffee.

Everyone enjoyed the festivities and Linda and I really enjoyed being included in this group event.

We had a wonderful Christmas dinner at Casa Pink. The Urquhart clan were the hosts and were joined by Jacquie and Grant, Leone, Linda and myself.

Dinner was a culinary extravaganza of seared tuna, rostisado chicken, shepherd's pie, several salads, and a Mexican strawberry white cake. There was way too much to eat and so no one went away hungry. Everyone talked into the cool evening as globos floated into the sky.

On Monday we met the Urquharts and drove over to Pedro's Fish Tacos for a day on the beach. La Manzanilla was crowded but that is good for the local economy. We played Spicy Farkel and watched the happenings on the beach.

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