Sunday, December 18, 2016

Great to be Back Together

Last night we spent the evening with Jacquie Moniot and Grant Lake, two friends that we met down here in Melaque.  Every year we have tried to get together but have missed each other by fractions. The year we drove down, Jacquie said that they spotted us driving out of town on our last day, the day they arrived. That's how close we have come each year.

One year, we bumped into each other at theTiangui and then went out to lunch. The weather had been a bit wet and we were seated in Resturant Maria when a huge downpour began. The waiter and all the staff ushered us up some stairs and set a table on the balcony out of the deluge of water. It was the only dry place in the entire structure. We had a wonderful lunch as we talked and laughed. Lunch turned into drinks... One of our fondest memories.

We met Jacquie and Grant through our other friends Don and Caroline. All of us have stayed at a place called La Paloma and this has given us some common experiences.  My favorite memory came when we were all gathered at Don and Caroline's room talking about our tiangui experiences.

There has been a jewelry vendor at the market and all the women swoon around him. He shows his creations and explains each in great detail - locations and types of stones used, metals and fibers woven in each of his artworks. The women eat it up. Now, of course, this artist is very handsome. The guys always felt that most of his sales could be attributed to this fact.

That night as we sat and laughed, Grant imitated the artist's accent and said, "Ah yes! That stone, oh I remember. I passed that kidney stone on the beach at Tenacatita! It makes a very beautiful piece, yes?" We all broke out laughing and couldn't stop!

Together again, we went to the beach for drinks, ate dinner at Buen Gusto and then walked the Jardin.

This year the town has created a wonderland in the square, with lights and many figurines. I'll be taking my good camera down soon to capture the scenes that they have created. Until then, these photos from my phone will have to do.

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