Saturday, December 24, 2016

Barra de Navidad

Can you find me in this photo?
Jacquie, Grant, Linda and I loaded onto a bus and bumped on over to Barra de Navidad where we found the traveling market. Linda and Jacquie shopped as Grant and I tagged along complaining. We bought some little gifts for a Christmas Day gift exchange and then walked on down to the malecon.

They have repaired the malecon! It looks fantastic! I took some photos so that you can make a comparison to last year's pictures.

They have repaired the church and have added a bell.
Here is a link to the photos and story from last year.

We had a great time and ate lunch at the Sea Masters Resturant before we returned home.

The streets of Barra never change.

The new Malecon!

Looking back at Barra from the end of the malecon

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