Monday, March 24, 2014

Hummmmm, Not Quite the Same

Sleeping within 20 yards of the ocean has it's pluses and some negatives.  The camper cools off real nice and you get to watch incredible sunsets from your kitchen table. You also have the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks just at your feet! For some this is a plus, for me I just can't sleep when there is this crashing just outside my door.  Linda loves it, I just put my ear plugs in and sleep.

I suggested that Linda get a job here. That went over big.
We got going by about 9 AM and followed the winding road north for about 60 kilometers. Then we connected with the cuota, toll highway, and continued on to Mazatlán. No problems were encountered and we even stopped at an Auto Zone and I replaced the trailer hitch ball that I messed up yesterday.

We ended our day early at an RV place called Palya Cerrito.  It is not much of a place if you ask me.  Rows of RVs on a flat gravel parking lot.  The full timers have built plapas and brick walls around their spots.  I guess if you don't mind being close and you can build a nest, then staying here would be OK.  The weather is clear and sunny and the temperature is in the high 80's. Very comfortable!

You can walk to the beach and climb down to walk in the sand.  The RV place has a pool overlooking the ocean. Linda found it within an hour of arrival and is taking in the sun there.

Here are a few pictures of the area.

From the pool looking South.
Looking at Linda. (North)
From pool looking North.

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