Friday, March 14, 2014

Hey, Down In Front!

With nine, yes nine, days left here in Melaque we have gone beyond "when are you leaving?" to "is there anyone left to play volleyball today?"  Every day we hear of a group leaving for the North making it harder and harder to get two teams together to play.  Don't get me wrong, playing volleyball is secondary to the fact that we won't see these friends for nine or ten months and we will hope that they return safe to play next year. However it is just another indicator that our time is growing short and we need to enjoy our time left down here even more.

The best breakfast ever!
Yesterday Linda and I walked to Barra in the morning and had breakfast.  Then we roamed the town for a couple hours looking at the shops.  We ended the morning at the tiangui looking for nothing in particular. With our feet sore and nothing to show for it we climbed on a bus and rode home.  The bus was practically empty. I noticed that the driver had decorated his area with gestures of his faith. The picture didn't do the scene justice, but I thought it was kind of cool. His riders most likely felt better knowing they were in good hands.

If you're Catholic, you're safe!
Back at home Linda went to play Mexican Train, a domino game.  I took a ride on the bike and cruised around on the walk behind our lot.  The lagoon is about ten feet from our lot with a fence and the walking path separating us from the wild.  There, basking in the sun, was an 8 ft. Crocodile. I had heard that she had claimed the area behind us our lot, but hadn't been able to catch a glimpse of her until yesterday. She is big and I am glad that there is a large fence between our spot and hers.

She's looking for a Kobi snack.
After the lagoon watch I went into town and took some random pictures.  I arrived home at the same time as Linda and found Barry and Leigh at our door.  Linda and Leigh had to go to visit the dress maker so Barry and I sat at their house and talked.  Leigh gave us some DVDs to watch which we took home with us.

We ended the night watching Los Jegos Del Hambre, The Hunger Games. It was our first viewing of a true unauthorized copy of a movie purchased from a tiangui.  We had to laugh because there was someone sitting next to us that had a tickle in his throat, and ten minutes into the showing four shadows moved across the screen, finding seats down in the front.  It was fun watching and laughing along with the crowd in the camper. In the end we only have one question that needs to be answered.  Does the film end with Donald Sutherland in front of the camera? This one did.

Chelly's, our grocery store.
The bird poop on this truck is extreme!

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