Saturday, March 29, 2014

Crossing Back

When we crossed the border in early December we had been kidding about Night Line doing a segment dealing with two educators from Idaho going to Mexico but only one returned.  It didn’t happen and we are back in the US, together and stronger than ever.
The camper caravan pulled out of Bahia de Kino at 6:37 AM and crossed the border into the US at 1:30 PM.  Pretty darned good if you ask me.  No wrong turns, no unexpected delays and only two bathroom stops; that was a great way to end the Mexico part of our adventure.

During the return to the border crossing we had three things that might have slowed us down.  First we had to travel through the outskirts of Hermosillo, which we did with no problems.  Then we had to stop at a very large complex in the middle of nowhere and turn in our vehicle travel permits. This was accomplished after some wrong way driving, as directed by the employee in charge.  I am sure the lady coming on the freeway south was a bit surprised to see two trucks going the opposite direction to get to the correct road for the sticker exchange. Finally we had to turn in our tourist cards at a stop on the opposite side of the highway.  We played Frogger and made our way across traffic, making the final exchange of paperwork with no slip-ups.

Crossing the border was another nonevent.  We stopped at the border guards station and he asked us where we were coming from, how long were we there and what did we bring back with us.  I answered the questions and he motioned us on through.  That’s it! No questions about Kobi. Nothing about food products. No inquiries about anything. I had no chance to say anything that would cause Linda to gasp, none at all!

We drove on to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument where we hugged Larry and Maggie, said our good byes and thanked them for being such great guides.  Half our adventure was in Mexico and we have completed it!

Larry and Maggie drove on to Ajo and possibly beyond, Linda and I found a spot at the Twin Peaks Campground and settled in.  Linda said “It’s kind of like we have come full circle. We set off for our adventure from this exact campground and now we have returned.”  Our adventure is not yet over but we are leaving Mexico behind.  We both know it was time to leave that country but we will definitely return. Maybe not in the camper, but we will be back again later this year!

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