Sunday, December 15, 2013

4th Annual Carrera Costalegre 10 K

Linda got up this morning and ran in the 10 K road race. She has run in all four of the events that they have held and each time they provide a different course.  This year they cut down the amount of beach running so Linda was happy about that.  Dale, Judy and I watched the start and then went over and had breakfast a local restaurant.  When we were finished we were able to watch Linda finish the run.  The town does a great job of making everyone who runs feel good about their performance. 

Linda and Jennifer McLeod, a friend from Cd'A. 

On your mark!


"Waat ttil I don't hav foud im ma moff!"

See, I told you I was the good looking one!

Dale and Judy, by the way, Judy had French fries for breakfast.

Almost to the finish line, go Bug!

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