Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Got my Moneys Worth

We are in one of those holding patterns right now. Everything is set for our winter escape and all we are doing is trying to keep warm while we pick off various list items.  Our house sitter is ready and all we really have left to do is celebrate Thanksgiving and then send Kobi off to play with our nephew, niece, Diane and Al Dee. We always worry about the mutt, and now that he is getting old, we worry more.  

I turned 62 a few weeks ago. On that day I went into town and stopped at the Regional Forrest Service office. I paid my $10 and got my America The Beautiful, old person discount Card. Then as you saw in the last post, I went down and used it when I paid for my campsite at Pine Bar.  One nights stay at the camping area is regularly $7.50. With the America The Beautiful card it was $3.75. I stayed 3 nights, so I spent $11.25. That was a savings of $11.25, so I am already $1.25 ahead because I turned 62!  Wow, we will definitely make this work for us over the upcoming years!

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Al Dee Sollinger said...

Keep track of those savings.

I want to know the grand total in 20 years.