Saturday, September 24, 2016

Tourist Stuff

Once we decided to come to Kauai, Linda started researching what to do and see here on this beautiful island. Many people gave us great information and almost all of them suggested we purchase The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook. Today we took the car and drove around and looked at some of the items suggested in this guide. 

Russian Fort Elizabeth dirt and rocks.
Driving East from our Barking Sands hideaway we followed Hwy 50 through Waimea stopping at the Russian Fort Elizabeth. If you like history, dirt, and rocks then this is the place for you. We walked into the stone enclosed fort and directly back out to the cool refreshing air conditioning of our car. Not much of a stop, the photo tells it all.

Linda on the Swinging Bridge.
Back on the road we quickly toured through the little town of Hanapepe stopping to walk across the famous Hanapepe Swinging Bridge. Linda bought us a couple soft drinks and we headed to Port Allen. We drove the main drag of this little town and found a beach they call Glass Beach. The name comes from all the broken glass that has washed into the beach sand from a very old garbage dump just up the ravine. The area is very dirty and smelly, but The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook says that it is something to see, so we visited, just like the Russian Fort, and went on our way.

By this time I was observing something. At all the stops, we ran into about the same tourists. It was becoming obvious that they were following the same route and were probably using The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook just as we are.
A swinger on the swinging bridge.

Continuing on Hwy. 50 we checked out a small park in Kalaheo and then drove along 50 turning right onto 520 where we drove through a real cool tree tunnel. This was on the Maluhia Road which soon turned into the Po'ipu Road that eventually ended at the Spouting Horn.This spout was very cool. It made the sound of a jet each time it squirted!

We drove back to Hwy 50 via Koloa Road where we stopped at a market that sold very beautiful shell necklaces. Most of the items cost $900 and up, so needless to say Linda didn't buy one (thank goodness). I bought a shirt and we headed back to Barking Sands.

Glass Beach.
The beauty of Glass Beach.
View West at the Spouting Horn.
Spouting Horn.

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