Friday, October 14, 2016

Mount Rushmore and More!

We are staying in Bluebell Campground for the next four nights. In that time we drove to as many tourist areas that we could. Here is a bit of a roundup of what we did.

Custer State Park – Our first morning we got up and drove the Wildlife Loop Road where we were able to see numerous Buffalo, White-tailed Deer, and Pronghorn (Antelope). This loop is about 18 miles. It was beautiful and we were able to see much of the area without too many sightseers competing for photos.

We took a connecting route over to another road called the Iron Mountain Road which is another curvy narrow road that winds 18 miles providing wonderful vistas that culminate with distant views of Mount Rushmore.

We toured Mount Rushmore and all the exhibits that explain about the national memorials creation and all its history.

While at this stop Linda was able to run about the parking lots, checking off state licenses plates from her license plate app. This always makes her a very happy camper!

Leaving Mt. Rushmore we followed the Needles Highway which lead us on a very curvy 14-mile drive to rock formation called the Needle’s Eye. This entire mountain area is made up of very cool granite rock formations. The one lane rock tunnels throughout the day’s drive were definitely a bit conversation piece. Each one was so narrow Barry’s new truck’s crash sensors were vibrating all the time.

Once we passed the Needle’s Eye, stopped at Sylvan Lake and then headed home where our dog Kobi awaited our arrival.

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