Saturday, October 01, 2016

Last Night at the Sands

It was the last sunset at PMRF (Pacific Missile Range Facility) and we move on to the north part of the island. It's been pretty hot; hotter than usual. We have been swimming every day and the folks at the pool said that the Trade Winds have not shown up yet. This has added to the hot weather this time of the year.

Staying on the base has given us a glimpse into military life. The security on the base is very tight and due to the missile status we had to jump through some rigid hoops. It has been fun to watch the many aircraft landing daily. They are always different. We have watched jets, helos, huge cargo planes, Coast Guard planes, and even several Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey. The Osprey were very cool!
Nene visits our outdoor shower for a drink.

Last sunset at Barking Sands.
Here is a video of snorkeling, from our trip on Captain Andy's Catamaran trip. I'll post a video of the entire sailing trip when we get home.

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